Sinderby Stainless Ltd

Dual purpose Stainless Steel Pipe Rings in Grade 316
(NB and Metric OD)


Pipe Clip Diagram

Part No Description
PR-38 3/8" nb also suitable for 15mm od pipe
PR-12 1/2" nb also suitable for 22mm od pipe
PR-34 3/4" nb also suitable for 28mm od pipe
PR-1 1" nb also suitable for 35mm od pipe
PR-114 1-1/4" nb also suitable for 42mm od pipe
PR-112 1-1/2" nb
PR-54 Suitable for 54mm pipe
PR-2 2" nb
PR-212 2-1/2" nb
PR-3 3" nb
PR-100 (tba)
PR-110 (tba)
PR-4 4" nb
PR-5 5" nb
PR-6 6" nb

Stainless Steel Pipe Rings c/w Insert
Grade 316


Pipe Clip Diagram

Part No Description
PRI-12 1/2" nb All Complete with Insert
PRI-34 3/4" nb
PRI-1 1" nb
PRI-114 1-1/4" nb
PRI-112 1-1/2" nb
PRI-2 2" nb
PRI-212 2-1/2" nb

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